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The Red Square 

Explore Moscow starting with Red Square, the heart of this historical city, visit all places nearby such as Kremlin and its main Spasskaya tower with the carillon clock; St.Bazil's Cathedral which was built the 16th century to commemorate the victory of Russia over Kazan khanate; the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the leaders of the home guards, that was constructed in 1818 on the project of sculptor I. Martos; the G.U.M department store mall covering most of the east side of the Square, across from the Kremlin,  On the eastern side of the square is the GUM department store mall which has been the elite shopping experience for many centuries, and next to it the restored Kazan Cathedral. The northern side is occupied by the State Historical Museum, whose outlines echo those of Kremlin towers. The Iberian Gate and Chapel have been rebuilt to the northwest.


The Kremlin   

The beautiful and ancient ensemble of the Moscow's Kremlin stands high on the hill towering over the left bank of Moskva-River. The Kremlin has always been perceived as a symbol of power and mighty of the Russian state, the national idea expressed in stone. Each era in the history of Russia left its significant architectural trace in the Kremlin. Late in the evening the brightly illuminated Kremlin ensemble presents a fantastic, majestic and sophisticated harmony. The story says that Moscow stands on seven hills. It was there, on Borovitsky Hill, where the first walls of the Kremlin were built long time ago.


The Arbat   

The first historical records of Arbat relate to the year of 1493, the street was mentioned in an account of a major city fire. In the 19th century Arbat turned to be a favorite neighborhood for Moscow's nobility and creative intelligentsia, it was believed to number one noble for every seven ordinary residents. Over the years the street has developed into one of the most popular places in Moscow, you may meet here dancers, street artists, Krishna supporters, get into multiple smart clothes and souvenir shops, cafes, cultural centers, etc.


"Must see"

Among other Moscow "must be seen" places there are: Gorky Park, which is an amusement park with rides; Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, that possesses a collection of European art second in Russia to only St.Petersburg's Hermitage; former KGB headquarters building where in its basements thousands of prisoners were tortured and executed; the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which Stalin's regime demolished in 1931 along with countless other churches and monuments; the new monument of Peter the Great; observation platform of Sparrow (Lenin) Hills, the highest point in Moscow and Moscow State University which is located in this area; Victory Park and Poklonnaya Hill with World War II Memorial, this tiny hill is where Napoleon stood and "bowed" toward Moscow after his troops captured it, one of the attractions here is a big clock of grass and flowers; the Sofia Embankment of the Moskva river; the Bolshoy Stone Bridge; Kutuzov Avenue; White House.

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