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Tourist Visa

(valid up to 30 days)

Travel visa is required for travel to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries of the former Soviet Union (except Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Ukraine). It can be obtained from the nearest consulate with official visa support documents. Tourist visa for a limited period of leisure travel, business activities are also allowed. The difference from the business visa is the lower price and the processing time.

Consulates reserve right to decline visa for any reason. We suggest searching to the best possible airfare, and then applying for your visa when you know your travel itinerary. You can book your accommodations such as a hotel room or an apartment (very popular and less expensive alternative to hotels in Europe), while your visa is being processed.

Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and most other former Soviet countries require you to get an official visa support or "invitation" before you can apply for the visa to the Consulate. This "invitation" is usually an official document from a travel agency, registered with the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describing services booked for the client.

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